Creating Business by Building Bridges
From Europe to Japan and Back

What We Do

Global Bridges supports its clients with their Business Development


Our focus is on Business Development in Europe for Japanese companies and in Japan for European clients.

Our clients include large and mid-size corporations, SME’s, start-ups, banks, funds and other financial institutions and advisory companies. We work for Japanese and European companies and sometimes for governmental organizations.

When advising our clients with their business development, we have access to a wide range of instruments. These include




Joint Ventures


Technology Transfers


Supply Agreements

Fund Participation

Greenfield Operations

Each of these tools requires a different approach. Each has its pros and cons.

We have worked extensively with all of these tools and we cooperate with a wide range of specialists, such as legal experts, tax advisors, management consultants and finance specialists, thus unburdening our clients.


Global Bridges can support its Dutch/European clients with their entry into the Japanese market by establishing a corporate entity in Japan, often a K.K., or “Kabushiki Kaisha”. We can help by recruiting local management and by raising funds.

The reverse applies as well. We can establish a Dutch B.V. for our Japanese clients and take care of all the steps along the way, including domiciliation and pay-roll services.


Is Global Bridges a “one-stop-shop”? No. But what we are good at is coordinating the activities necessary to implement the chosen strategy. Result: time saving and cost-efficiency.

There is a particular Dutch word: “Ontzorgen” which means as much as “unburdening” — or rather “taking care of everything”.

That is what we do.

What We’ve Done

No assignment is the same and hence, no solution is similar

Over the years Global Bridges has advised clients in the most diverse sectors. We love to sit down with you, hear your needs and wishes and discuss the best possible approach. Over a period of almost 25 years, we have supported our clients in many ways.

Have a look at some of those who have placed their trust in us.

Carbon Neutrality

Explore the possibilities!

Carbon neutral, net-zero or climate positive: call it as you may, no future-proof transaction can take place without focussing on these terms. For us too at Global Bridges, it is a rewarding challenge to identify opportunities that make a positive impact for you and the world-at-large. We do so by monitoring the European carbon neutrality scene on a monthly basis. On this part of our website we would like to introduce you to impactful European technologies, investment funds and other projects, thus offering you the opportunity to not only discover, but to participate in exciting new and groundbreaking developments.

By introducing you to a major green investment fund like the one set up by Chrysalix, we can offer your company investment opportunities that will ensure that you are at the forefront of the latest developments in green energy. 

By informing you about projects that we are involved in, like the biochar project in Ghana, west-Africa, we hope to show you an example of how to create new, ground breaking projects. 

By singling out a company like Mavitec with its novel gasification and depackaging technology we can introduce you to successful companies that are interested in exploring the Japanese market with you. 

Finally, our cooperation with ROHR-IDRECO, who we helped with their MBO from a US corporate, demonstrates how an old industry can reinvent itself and transform into an environmentally friendly operation.

We update this section on a monthly basis and are able to connect you with any of the companies listed. Are you interested in doing business with, investing in, or otherwise getting to know any of these companies or projects? Then do feel free to contact us to learn more about the possibilities. We only ask that you respect our relationship with these companies and that you do not bypass us in the process.



Carbon neutrality has become an organizing principle for many businesses but getting there will require innovation and investing in new technologies. Many of these technologies are either in early adoption of not yet commercially available. Carbon neutral also represents an important value creation opportunity, provided a value creation strategy is in place to decarbonize the existing asset base, enter new markets and develop low carbon products. 

Global Bridges collaborates with Chrysalix, a global Venture Capital firm with a long history of industrial innovation and sustainability, to launch the carbon neutrality fund to support the carbon neutral targets of resource intensive industries. The fund is Chrysalix’s 5th fund and the 4th fund with its Industry 4.0 focus already has an important participation from Japanese Limited partners and a top tier financial performance. 

Participating in the carbon neutrality fund has the following advantages: 

  • High visibility on the best technologies and start ups globally 
  • Access to the unique global Chrysalix ecosystem, with its knowledge partners like universities, Lux research and the Rocky Mountain Institute, financial – growth – investors, the other industrial partners in the fund and present and past (co) investors
  • Strong engagement process that includes; monthly meetings, incentive challenge process and secondments at Chrysalix offices in North America and Europe
  • Strategic and financial value, that go hand in hand 

Please feel free to contact us about Chrysalix Carbon Neutrality Fund.

OKO Energy sequestrates carbon from the atmosphere by converting residue streams from agricultural into energy products and biochar. The proper use of biochar by smallholders will significantly enhance the fertility of their soil and increase their yield. In addition, this biochar use is also how OKO Energy sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, as the carbon in the biochar is stored in the soil for thousands of years.
OKO Energy has partnered up with Fuji Oil, Ghana Nuts and Mavitec to build a gasification plant in Techiman, Ghana. The plant is projected to be operational by 2024.


Mavitec Environmental offers complete solutions to convert various kinds of manure into renewable energy and EcoChar, a valuable by-product of the gasification process. Gasification ensures a smaller environmental carbon footprint and will be one of the answers to future energy needs. Mavitec is the supplier of gasification technology for OKO Energy’s biochar gasification plant in Ghana.


Mavitec Green Energy is specialized in food waste and depackaging solutions with short payback times, high separation efficiency and proven concepts. Their Paddle Depacker separates the organic material from the packaging and produces a very clean > 99,5% clean organic output that is extremely suitable for use in biogas installations, fodder for livestock and soil fertilization.


ROHR-IDRECO Dredge Systems designs and manufactures premium quality deep digging electric dredging vessels and equipment for the mining and dredging industries, and dam desiltation. Their innovative and, most importantly, sustainable dredgers combine over 60 years of experience with the most advanced control and automation systems.

IDRECO Japan, ROHR-IDRECO’s Japanese agent, offers a solution to the shrinking Japanese labour force by supplying the Japanese market with ROHR-IDRECO’s fully automated dredgers, as well as heavy-duty slurry pumps that are suitable for a wide range of applications. or

Who We Are

The core team

consists of Radboud Molijn, Tjeerd de Vries, Waka Otsu and Diederik Eggenkamp. Each of us has their own skill set — their own strengths. Around this team we have gathered several associates who are experts in their own field. You may find our CV’s rather unusual. Great! Because we know that the best solution for your company might just be out-of-the-ordinary as well.


Radboud Molijn

Managing Partner

Lived in Japan (1978-1980), member supervisory board Yamaha Motor Europe (2016-present), member supervisory board Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe (2012-2020), Managing Director DUJAT / Dutch & Japanese Trade Federation (2003–2016), frequent Japan visitor, advisor to numerous Japanese and Dutch companies. Worked in Japan as actor with Hayuza actors, played in NHK’s morning drama Ma Nee-chan. Received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette on June 21, 2016.


Tjeerd de Vries


Tjeerd has a background in Civil Law and acquired LLM (Master of Law) status from the the University of Amsterdam. After having worked at various banks as a trade finance specialist, corporate banker and director, Tjeerd continued his career as a green entrepreneur. He set up and supported various companies producing green and responsible products. Currently, Tjeerd is active in M&A and investments advice. He also helps start-up companies gaining momentum.


Waka Otsu

Project Manager

Waka, born and raised in Tokyo, she studied in the U.S. and Japan for high school, graduated from department of Philosophy in Sophia University in Tokyo (BA). She was an intern sales-marketer at HULT international business school Tokyo branch, promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Japan. She relocated to the Netherlands and graduated with honor from HKU (Utrecht, NL). Her professional expertise is in Education and Linguistics, working as an interpreter both in Japan and in the Netherlands. For Global Bridges, she assists developing solutions for planning and execution of new business projects especially utilizing her linguistic and communication skills to bridge every gap there is to be overcome in our projects.


Josha Sietsma

Business Development Coordinator

Josha was raised in Canada and Brazil, studied in the Netherlands and obtained his degree in Philosophy (MA) in Amsterdam. He specializes in the Philosophy of Architecture, Political Philosophy and Human Rights. 
Professionally he has combined teaching with independent research, public affairs, consultancy and trade.
As a teacher he pioneered in developing curricula for schools in Pre-Modern Japanese Literature, Kabuki and Japanese language. 
Active in Europe, Brazil, the American Midwest and Japan he is always looking for strengthening good bonds, finding beauty in art and making a positive impact. He is driven by creatively excelling and supporting companies in their business development between Japan and the Netherlands.


Diederik Eggenkamp

Project Manager

After obtaining a master’s degree from the Amsterdam Conservatory, Diederik changed gears and taught himself Japanese to professional fluency in 2 years, without setting foot in the country. A fan of autonomous learning, he went on to do freelance translation and interpreting work, as well as developing various IT-related skills, such as scripting, server maintenance and webdesign. Finally, he teaches Japanese, Dutch and English to highschoolers and business persons alike, in an exciting and innovative way. Diederik supports Global Bridges with all of these skills in various ways. He has the ability to act on the fly and easily connect with people from different cultures and walks of life.



Hideto Nishimura

President at MIRAI  Management Strategy Research Institute / Our partner in Japan

After graduating from Kyoto University with M.Sc. in Engineering, he had a long career at Mitsubishi Corporation where he served as Senior Vice President. Hideto Nishimura is now advising Japanese and non-Japanese companies through his consultancy MIRAI Management Strategy Research Institute. He is a board member of various Japanese companies and consultant for North American VC .  He frequently cooperates with Global Bridges.

Takahiko Sasaki

Principal, Sasaki-BLC. Co., Ltd.

Former principal of Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting, one of Japan’s largest think tanks and consulting firms, where he has supported clients in their overseas business development endeavours in various ways across wide range of industries, including electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, apparel, and education. He currently manages his own consulting firm where he advises prime and standard TSE listed companies on management advise and human resource development. Prior to moving into the consulting industry, he worked in international business for over a decade at a major Japanese electronic components manufacturer. Takahiko excels at market development and developing cross-border alliances. In addition, he has a rich personal network which he cultivated over his many years of doing business in Japan, the USA and Southeast Asia. He holds a MSc. from The London School of Economics.


Daan Snaathorst

International Logistics Specialist

Daan is an experienced manager in Supply Chain and Logistics management. He graduated from the Rotterdam Port- and  Transport College. His experience was gained in working and leading supply chains for production and trading companies and working in he field of Logistics , warehousing , transport and forwarding. He worked in Asia for 10 years , 7 of which was in Japan and speaks Japanese very well.


Peter de Rijk

Business Strategy and Operations Specialist

Peter specializes in strategy development, planning of delivery organisations and transformation processes. He has a background in innovation and expansion management of high-tech, IT and infrastructure-based organizations in multinational organisations. He held client partner positions and P&L responsibility for 10 mio+ programmes and service delivery teams in complex multicultural context.
Until recently he held a director-level position in the global service organization for Verizon Business. In this role he (co-)advised and led the large outsourcing contracts for MNCs in the financial and energy sectors. He studied electrical engineering at the Technical University Delft.


Jan Pereboom

Water Treatment Specialist

Jan is a water treatment and environmental engineer graduated from Wageningen University. He worked for various consulting engineering companies, contractors and equipment suppliers and has more than 20 years working experience with Japanese companies. He has supported numerous companies in technology transfer projects and has also hands-on experience with M&A projects in various industrial sectors. Frequently he assisted start-up companies in marketing novel technologies.


Steven Pleging

Solar Energy Specialist

Steven has been working for 20 years for Philips Lighting in various functions in operations and innovation of lighting systems where he set up a business line for solar energy. From 2005 on he became CEO of Ecostream International and set up a pan-European company constructing solar systems. Total track record of realized systems is well over 100 MW. Since 2009 Steven has been advising various companies on their solar businesses. Implementation of the strategy has also been part of his activities. As such he has been working with EPC companies, trading companies and investment funds.


Willem jan van Asselt

Chemical Specialist

Willem jan is a Biochemist graduated from Salford University (UK) and a Chemical Engineer graduated from Groningen University. He held various General Management and Innovation management positions during his 25-year career at DSM, amongst which setting up of the DSM Japan office in Tokyo. Further he worked for more than 5 years for an US multinational, Leading the Biotech and Medical device business. Overall he has more than 25 years working experience with Japanese companies. He has supported numerous technology transfer projects and has also hands-on experience with opening up new markets in various industrial sectors. Currently he is assisting start-up companies in innovative technology driven solutions.

His field of expertise lies in Performance materials, specialty chemicals and medical devices. He speaks 5 languages, with Japanese being one of them.


Alex Ruiter

Civil Engineer

Alex Ruiter was trained as a civil engineer and worked 18 years for Dutch construction company Ballast Nedam, also in Japan. From 2012 he worked as a director for Strukton International for 6 years where he was involved in various rail-related projects.


Robert Kirschbaum

Chemical Specialist

Rob graduated from the Technical University of Delft (Chemical Engineering) and has worked with Royal DSM for 37 years.
He has been involved in setting up/or running three Joint Ventures with Japanese companies.
Experience was gathered in Thermoplastic materials (films, fibers, reinforced compounds) as well as in Thermoset materials (paints, inks and reinforced composites). 

Through the years he brought several new products  from the R&D stage to the market; examples are Dyneema (superstrong fiber), Solufill (a film for micro-electronics) and Melapur (environmentally friendly flame retardant. As Global General manager of Stanyl (heat resistant engineering plastic) he led that business to positive cashflow. The last 10 years of his career he held the position of VP Open Innovation of DSM, creating the Corporate Venturing arm of DSM, interacting with Start-up companies, Venture Capital Funds and Public Private Partnerships all over the world.

Bridging Ideas

Trying to bridge cultures is what we do, so why not extend this beyond business?
Before you rush down over to our contact section, we invite you to take some (perhaps much needed) distance from your daily business and take a moment to reflect a little.

Every now and again, we publish articles, reflections, links to other websites and even poems, like this Tanka, by Fumi Saito.

man and horse
not crossing the view
the bridge
is purely and simply
making a connection